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and Other Sources of Inspiration

Horn. J. (2005). A Land As God Made It: Jamestown and the Birth of America. New York:Basic Books-Perseus Books Group.
ISBN 0-465-03094-7

Kudlinski, K. V. (2006). My Lady Pocahontas. Tarrytown, NY : Marshall Cavendish Children.
ISBN 978-0761452935
(This is a well researched Young Adult historical novel about this girl and her times that is very accessible to the reader. Also, Ms. Kudlinski reaches the same conclusions about Pocahontas and Smith I have in my own right brain.)

Smith, J., & Barbour, P. L. (1986). The complete works of Captain John Smith (1580 – 1631) in 3 vol. Volume 1. Chapel Hill [u.a.]: Univ. of North Carolina Press.
ISBN 080781525X 9780807815250

Strachey, W., Tindall, R., & Wright, L. B. (1967). The historie of travell into Virginia Britania (1612). New York: Kraus Reprint Ltd.



An engraving of Pocahontas from the portrait by Simon Van de Passe. This portrait was created when Pocahontas was about 20 years old, shortly before her death at 21.
This is believed to be the only image of Pocahontas created during her lifetime.


This image is in the public domain and is available
through the Wikimedia Commons






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