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Puss & Boots in the 23rd Century

Puss & Boots book cover

Click on the image above to see the full book jacket and read the jacket blurb.

This story falls into the genre of Military Science Fiction.

I like to think of it as a historical novel about the 23rd Century as seen from the 25th Century....

Download the first chapter in PDF form here.


Puss & Boots' Map

map View the full color topographical map that goes with the novel.
Download the PDF here.


Coming Of Age in the 23rd Century

Read the first of a two part prequel to "Puss & Boots in the 23rd Century" This first installment provides interesting background story for the character Puss.

Coming of Age in the 23rd Century: Part One
Download the PDF file here.


Puss & Boots in Present Tense

I experimented with a variation of the present tense form when I wrote the first draft of "Puss & Boots in the 23rd Century." Although it is a bit more challenging to read, the form is quite interesting.
Download the PDF file here.


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