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Jack McClure is a skeptic, always has been and always will be. 
He has done many things in his life, and learned from all of them. 

He has chopped brush for surveyors in the “fever swamps” of Western Kentucky, told people what to do in mills and factories, written regulations for governments; and then, in the private sector, written environmental impact statements to meet those same regulations. (Perhaps this is what inspired him to write science fiction!)

He is a geologist and so knows about the earth and everything on it.  He was also a factory manager and so knows about the people who must work to live on it.  And Jack was a government bureaucrat as well so he knows how governments work. And don’t…

Jack has spent much of his time in the past, either peering at old rocks or reenacting ancient battles. However, in his literary choices, he tends to look to the distant, and often improbable, future.

He lives in the Virginia countryside now and is working on "Puss & Boots: Book 2" even as you read this.

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